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Worst Foot to Eat

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States has confirmed that the leading cause of death of our era is heart disease and obesity. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), people are dying of over-eating and lack of proper nutrition.

We live in a time where stressful lifestyle makes us sometimes lazy or uninterested in the food content we consume, we are eating food rich in trans-fat, high cholesterol, sugar content, and many other pollutants; Now we know those foods are the result of marketing strategies that lead us to develop high cholesterol, heart diseases, cancers alike, metabolic disorders, and early death.

Ready to eat and packed with empty calories that do not provide any nutrients, minerals, protein, good fats, antioxidants for your bodies?.

If you wish to live a healthy long life, you better be conscious and start controlling and knowing your diet base, remember “You are what you eat”.

If you want to change your life for a better healthy life, start by changing your diet, make sure to remove certain foods that are not good for you, it's important to know the contents of the food, to nourishing our cells correctly.

Here is a list of 20 foods you should avoid if you want to live longer and healthy.

Margarine has less saturated fats than butter, but it is not a healthier option because it's full of trans fats, these occur when any vegetable oil-based product it's solidified.

Trans fatty acids clogged arteries restricting the circulation of blood to our heart, causing heart attacks and early death. Trans fats inhibit proteins that regulate cell renewal function.

You can substitute margarine for Olive oil.

Processed meats like ham, sausages, bacon, salami, canned, smoked, jerky meats usually go through several processes of transformation before you eat it, these meats are preserved by layering, drying, smoking, adding nitrates and preservatives, salt and sodium that lead to high blood pressure.

Sodas and Soft Drinks, these beverages are considered the second most consumed in US, these beverages are rich in added sugar about 44gr (1.55oz), the WHO recommends no more than 25gr of sugar daily. Drinking sodas regularly can spike your blood sugar leading to a high concentration of insulin in the blood, known as “high-glycemic” which can cause you to feel hungry, with mood swings, store excess fat, and worse, lead to a metabolic disorder like:

pre-diabetes and even, type 2 diabetes, headaches, low energy levels, increases heart disease

Hight risk factors such as obesity, Fatty liver disease, High blood pressure and inflammation.

Hormonal diseases, Increased risk for heart attack and stroke

Sodas (colas) also contain phosphoric acid which inhibits the proper absorption of calcium increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Artificial Sweeteners are leveled as a healthy alternative to substitute sugar, these artificial substances may damage your body, increasing the risk of developing diabetes because they drastic rise of sugar level in the blood and additionally harms your immune system.

Usually, sweeteners are not properly digested leading to digestive absorption issues, so, to live longer, allow your body to have sugarless foods and drinks, enjoy the real taste of food and fill your body with natural food!

Fried Foods has become the most common cooking method, this tasty food is the number one enemy to live longer.

Oil is bad for the arteries and deep-fried food absorbs most of the trans fats present in oils, this will increase cholesterol clogged your arteries and leads to coronary and heart diseases, to reduce your deep-frying to a minimum, use the baked or grill version of the same foods.

Microwave Popcorn, popcorn is a healthy snack but the lining found in microwave bags used chemicals perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which keeps the grease inside, this PFOA can cause thyroid disorders and increase the risk to develop many cancers type (kidney, testicular, breast). You don’t need to stop eating popcorn, make sure to know how it is prepared, it's best to cook it on the stove or get it from the cinema where it is prepared in PFOA-free machines.

Canned Food similar to the issue found in microwave popcorn, cans also have a dangerous lining that are lined in Bisphenol A (BPA) which can leak into the food. Consumption of BPA can interfere with proper gene regulation, which leads to early puberty, cancers, obesity, and a huge list of reproduction and hormonal issues that leads to difficulties in having children. It also increases the risks of breast cancer.

Not only canned food have lined BPA. many containers such as water bottles or plastic have BPA, find alternatives BPA-Free, and purchased fresh food are changes you should have to regulate your bodies, balance your hormones, and reduce cancer risks. Read more...

Instant Food, Noodles, this fast flavored and convenient food are covered in preservatives, seasoning, artificial colors and flavors, harmful chemicals, sodium, and fats that your body won't be able to eliminate, this leads to a higher risk of metabolic syndrome. This syndrome has symptoms such as elevated blood sugar, elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, increased abdominal fat, high risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. High sodium also develops into kidney and heart disease.

White Bread, bread is a healthy carbohydrate as it was made in the past, with barely 3-4 ingredients, with whole wheat flour. However, bread that is made with refined white flour (starch), 15-20 ingredients, preservatives and artificial supplements have almost nothing to do with the original bread recipe.

To create white flour, the wheat is stripped from its germ and bran, which are the only two parts with nutrients that are important to our body. Starch is basically sugar, which increases blood sugar levels, this excess of blood sugar increase the risk of developing diabetes, obesity, by turning glucose into fat and being added to your body mass (gain weight). Find a natural traditional bakery at your neighborhood to get the bread without so many additives on it.

Soy Protein from soybeans produced in US is sprayed with herbicides (glyphosate) to prevent the weeds from forming, glyphosate used to cultivate soybeans was a direct cause of a high increase of neural deformities, miscarriages, pregnancy complications, cancer, and birth defects.

Sweet cereals for breakfast, during the process of making this cereal, many harmful ingredients are added, loaded with sugar and refined grains.

breakfast is the most important meal of the day however, breakfast cereals are a high-carb meal that spike the glucose level in the blood, make us fat without any nutritional value.

To enjoy a more healthy option, have a bran cereal or cereal without sugar added, mix it with some natural fruits, nuts, honey or plain yogurt.

Ice Cream, contains more than 10% milkfat, and are loaded with sugar. Milk fat is mostly cholesterol and saturated fats, that why

ice cream can make you overweight very fast building up fatty deposits in the arteries that interfere with blood flow, increases your chances of having heart failure or a stroke.

Ice cream is a leading cause of tooth decay and cavities.

This is definitely a treat to have very occasionally, we can still enjoy a water base ice cream, Very rear people can denied a delicious Italian Sorbet.!

Artificial fruit juice, manufacturers claim that their juices are 100% but the production process of fruit juice requires the juice to be stored in oxygen-depleted tanks after it has been squeezed from the fruit, loaded with sugar and preservatives to stored the juice for up to a year before being canned or bottled; is where the juice loses its 100% status difference between fruit juice and the juice found naturally within a fruit is the fiber. In comparison orange juice and whole oranges, both contain antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin B1, but the juice contains much less than fruit and a whole lot more sugar. The lack of fiber means that the sugars are digested super-fast and if the energy isn’t used, it converts to fat.

Chewing Gum, many gums claim to be sugar-free, but to make them sweet, they added artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, have been linked to brain tumors, birth defects, and cancer. This is enough reason itself to stop chewing. Chewing constantly can cause certain mouth disorders due to exertion of the jaw muscles and tear on the joints, the muscles close to your temples put pressure on the nerves causing severe headache.

Bad breath is caused by digestive or tooth problems, chewing gum mask this problem worsening while interfere with your metabolism, sugar can causes cavities. when you chew gum, your mouth secretes saliva which activates the production of acid in the stomach. This acid doesn’t have anything to digest, that excess acid can lead to stomach ulcers. Lastly, swallow an excess amount of air when chewing gum causes a bloated stomach, ache and cramping.

Energy drinks These lab-engineered beverages have only synthetic ingredients with high amounts of caffeine and sugar.

Energy drinks are up to 11% more corrosive for the teeth and can quickly turn that cavity into a root canal.

Alcoholics and energy drinks can quickly destroy your liver. Energy drinks are not the friendliest beverages for the health of your heart, due to the high amount of caffeine on them, your heart has to overworks, sometimes not able to handle all that stimulation increasing your chances of having a heart attack, panic attacks and insomnia.

Caffeine it's the world's most widely consumed addictive psychoactive drug, when you lessen your caffeine intake, it can lead to caffeine withdrawal with severe headaches, and anxiety.

Yogurt, there are many different types of yogurt, some are full fat while others have reduced fat. Some are sweetened, others are unsweetened. The obvious, glaring culprit is sweetened yogurt. The sugar or artificial sweeteners added to it are harmful to your body. Reduced-fat yogurt has plenty of artificial flavoring agents.

If you want to keep yogurt in your diet for its probiotic benefits and bone-strengthening properties, don’t get low-fat flavored yogurt.

Plain yogurt is very good for you, full of probiotic, add some fresh fruit toppings to it to give it a natural flavor.

Reduced-fat peanut butter has a lot of sugar added to mimic the taste of it, increased levels of sugar are harmful to your body can result in obesity and diabetes.

It’s a better idea to eat regular peanut butter. Yes, it does contain fat, but not all of it is unhealthy fat, some of the fat in peanut butter is unsaturated witch is the healthy fat that your body needs to survive.

Some of the fat in peanut butter is not healthy, this is true. But it poses less of a risk than the added sugars in reduced-fat peanut butter.

Frozen meals can be a convenient and fast solution, instead of cooking, all you have to do is heat and eat. Freezing a meal doesn’t make significant changes to the nutritional value of the food, it doesn’t change how much fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, or fiber the food contains, but, many frozen meals are often highly processed, which means they have lost a lot of their vitamin and mineral content, and contain high levels of sodium, colorants, artificial flavors, added sugar and saturated fats.

Meals that contain a lot of vegetable oil are full of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are bad for you.

The most notorious are frozen pizzas, fried chicken, snack rolls, breakfast sandwiches, breaded meat such as fish sticks, crumbed chicken, etc. are not good for your body.

Pizza is full of calories, fat, and salt, overeating pizza may contribute to obesity. The result of obesity is heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels which are very bad for your heart. The high levels of salt (sodium) in pizza can lead to high blood pressure.

Some pizzas are unhealthier than others, the toppings on pizza can also affect how healthy they are.

If you include vegetable toppings, unprocessed meats like anchovies, veggie or wheat crust you will get some nutritional benefit from pizza.

Donuts and other baked goods

Donuts are delicious, but they contain unhealthy ingredients, like refined flour that offer no nutritional value compared to whole grain products. Donuts contain a lot of sugar, too much sugar leaves your body struggling to break it down and use it, often gets stored as fat.

The final ‘fatal’ ingredient in donuts is trans-fat, this comes from the submersion of donuts in oil during the preparation process. It’s estimated that a donut contains 10-20g of fat. And that’s unhealthy fat, not a healthy fat.

As enjoyable and donuts and other baked treats, the key is to enjoy them only very occasionally. Making them part of your daily diet will lead to obesity.

Additional Tips for longer life

  • Practice exercise 2-4 times a week. Light exercise like fast-paced walking, yoga, cardio, biking, swim, etc.

  • Make sure to avoid stress, to do so, add yoga, mindfulness, or meditation to your weekly routines.

  • Keep a healthy and balanced diet, make sure to eat fresh produce, unprocessed meat.

  • Stay hydrate, drink plenty of fluids like tea, natural juices, water.

  • Avoid all artificial. fried, sugary foods,

  • Detox you body naturally

  • Read label packages and avoid anything that has unpronounceable ingredients!

  • Keep moving, live happily and longer!


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