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How Shopping Mindfully Can Change Your Life

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Every time we go to the supermarket is a challenge, we will explore the benefits of shopping mindfully and experience a great change in your life.

Shopping mindfully can be applied for any type of chop not only at the supermarket when you go for food supplies...

“Shopping mindfully will make you feel great and smart.”

Is not a surprise to anyone and we all have done it.! to mess up our plans when we go out shopping, then we feel with hesitation, with negative emotions to our self, keep in mind the next advise to develop skills and abilities when go out shopping.

Shopping at the Supermarket

The most common mistake is to enter any supermarket without a plan. You should have a plan in mind or even better written on a list.

To make things easy before rich the market check your refrigerator, your cabinets for the necessary groceries, if you do not check before you will end buying repeated items that will go bad and end at the garbage, not only you are wasting time and effort bringing those home but you are wasting money that takes you time to make..!!

Planned ahead of your weekly meals, will make it easy to go straight to the items you need for the week. if you are on a diet with healthy proposes a list will be your best, certain diets will offer custom, meals and even they will give you a shopping list for your convenience.

Be strong, try your best not to buy anything out of your list, or prohibited food that latter make you sick or with a negative feeling, remember when we are home and we have cravings for ice cream, cookies, chips, bread, soda, etc if we have it, we will eat it.! then we will feel bad, but if we do not have it on hand we will have to replace it for healthy snacks. Reward your self for your effort, it will be better and testy to go with your love ones on the weekend for that ice cream or sweet craving, You can accomplish your goals fast and be healthy over time.

Eat before going to a supermarket, that way you won't see every item deliciously tenting, you wont imagine all the preps you may do, and most important you won't buy unnecessary unhealthy groceries that will make you eat far more than is required.

“People will have pleasure and positive feelings when accomplished their goals.”

Buying goods

Studies have shown that humans tend to feel pleasure or reward feeling from buying novel things, new items, clothes, electronics, jewelry, etc. Like an addict, that feeling may increase every time and what its worst some people may develop a psychological sickness call Hoarding,

Try to buy only the necessary things, things you definitely will use, make the most of the items you buy.

Buying Clothes

We all want to be always well presented, and it's possible with the lattes on fashion. But it is also very important that we be aware of the process, techniques, and impact our clothes may have.

Some manufacturing clothes industries have a process of production very unresponsively with the environment, people and customers. On their production lines, they use and waste so much water, add harmful chemicals to the fabrics to add a specific color or characteristics.

Some industries are not giving the proper treatment to their suppliers and employees, We most care about each other and most important the effect or track we left on the environment.

Always do research on the factory you buying for, do not contribute to the pollution of our natural resources.

Some times we buy things because they look nice on the window, store and then we realize we have already one very similar that is hiding in our closet. It is important to keep our closet organize so are conscious of what we have and what we really need, be realistic, do not buy items you like but very deep inside you, you know you do not going to wear.

Fashion is great and nowadays a lot of the designers are creating pieces that can be used for different occasions to minimize their environmental impact. Look for does designers they have great fashionable pieces.

For items that are seasonable fashion be careful,I recommend not to get excited and buy too much, then the summer ends without giving you the chance to wear it all and guess what? next summer will be out of fashion. Be careful when buying seasonable clothing.


We can not be denied the necessity and satisfaction of buying staff to look good, to live well, to eat and maintain healthy. It is our responsibility with our self and with the environment to buy mindfully, keep in mind the track we left behind, be aware of the conveniences of the items we acquired, the satisfaction we experience when we achieve our diet goals, the happy feeling to contribute to a good cause, That's a healthy living style.


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